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Associate Consultants are provided with an opportunity to grow their business in parallel to supporting and working with People in Flow.  We have selected a range of carefully identified products that together will make a significant impact on our clients.

People in Flow have developed a unique blend of approaches and mechanisms aimed at developing staff engagement, management impact and customer experience in ways that can enable new levels of trust, flow, and productivity.

Accreditation as an Associate is in two parts with further modules available to deliver the full range of People in Flow products.

Associate Consultant Accreditation

For more information on becoming an Accredited Associate Consultant please contact Jan Spicer on +44 (0)1280 823702

or email: jan@peopleinflow.com

Part 2

Facilitated Workshops

This will be an experiential workshop that will enable you to effectively plan and facilitate the People in Flow workshops (train the trainer).  It will also provide a more in-depth knowledge of the People in Flow products enabling a greater understanding as to the products that can be delivered and how they can benefit your clients as either part of package or as individual products.

(1-day workshop, $1,125)

Optional accreditation modules (Parts 1 & 2 must be completed first)

Customer Service – how to effectively use the People in Flow Customer Health check survey to identify the current experience of the customer and what workshops/activities you can do with the client to ensure that the customer experience becomes positive, customer loyalty and advocacy improved and customer trust restored. Move from a ‘selling’ to ‘buying’ culture.

(1-day workshop, $1,125)

Employee Engagement – this module will enable you to effectively utilise our employee engagement survey or how to use the client’s data to determine current employee engagement. Understand and experience the workshops and actions that will improve customer engagement by helping individuals and teams to trust each other, the team, their manager, other departments/divisions and the organisation.  Increased collaboration, improved morale, release the potential of staff and reduce staff absenteeism.

(1-day workshop, $1,125)

Business Development Workshop – we will work with you to develop your own business strategy.  Understand how you can use our products and services to grow your own revenue and work with the People in Flow group as an integral part of the organisation. Support you in growing your business effectively.  

(3-day workshop plus 6 one-hour coaching sessions per month, $3,375)

Part 1

As a result you will be able to use these skills with your own clients to grow your own business or to work with clients of People in Flow.

(2-day workshop, $2,250)

Become an Associate Consultant with People in Flow USA