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About People in Flow

In 2012 Neville Pritchard, a leading authority on organisational performance, trust and cultural transformation founded People in Flow. He has used his vast knowledge and experience as a Senior Learning & Development Executive and Performance Consultant to reduce stress in the work place and in turn improve attendance and productivity. Additionally the programmes delivered by People in flow have lifted the levels of performance across all levels of businesses.

At the beginning of 2017 John Goodger joined People in flow to lead the expansion of the business with more focused development solutions. John will also lead a global network of high quality associate trainers and facilitators.

To reduce stress in your workplace, People in flow provide a new integrated range of learning services to impact personal wellbeing and organisation performance

All People in flow programmes are:

• Measures and evidence lead

• Energy based

• Result focused

• Issue driven

• Delivered by expert facilitators


Our clients include international and global organisations from a range of industries including Financial Services (Banking, Payment Solutions & Insurance), Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Social Media, Logistics, Retail, Energy and Legal Services.

You benefit from impactful blends of ripple generators

• Initiating workshops

• Personalised e-learning

• Social enhancement

• Just-in-time reinforcement

Contact us today to find out more: info@peopleinflow.com